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About Us

Where We Began

We discussed the option of opening our own business for quite some time. When the opportunity to open a food truck with a unique dessert became available we jumped right in and starting running! 2018 was our first year open to the public and we have been so blessed to see growth very quickly. As a food truck, we are excited to join the community at their many events. We also hope to continue to expand the catering and online portion of our business. We love what we do and we love to be able to share it with everyone; from small to large businesses and birthday parties to weddings. Its our goal to serve you with whatever cookie dough desserts you may need!

We are very excited to see where the years take us and to continue to grow as a company and as part of the communities around us. 

Our Story


We are husband and wife combo who jumped into the edible cookie dough craze as it was starting to jump into popularity. We have a deep love for food, especially desserts. So we are excited to share with the community a part of us that brings so much joy into our lives!

Our Mission


It is our goal to show the community that with a little bit of love and creativity you can do and create anything! Cookie dough is just the beginning!